Hausfinanzierer: Fannie Mae und Freddie Mac sind wieder im Spiel

China Gold Report 1 2 Vorlage: September durften Privatpersonen erstmals seit mehr als 30 Jahren wieder Goldschmuck erwerben.


Ob der Staat diese beiden in dieser Form noch duldet, bezweifle ich. Was genau, keine Ahnung. Ich glaube jedoch nicht, dass es diese Unternehmung in 5 Jahren noch so gibt. Der Kommentar von jon wurde ignoriert. Um die Kommentare von jon wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link:. Ich bin bei ca. Ok, besten Dank für die Antworten. Aber bin schon vorsichtig. Der Kommentar von Lupi wurde ignoriert. Um die Kommentare von Lupi wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link:.

Fannie und Fredie sind beide sehr ähnlich und haben jede bereits um die 60 mia Staatshilfe erhalten. Zusammen managen sie ca. Fredie hat im July überraschend einen Gewinn geschrieben u. Dies zeigt jedoch, dass beide auf dem guten Weg sind Ich würde gerne da wieder einsteigen, aber nach so einer Rally warte ich geduldig noch ein paar Wochen ab mit dem Risiko Gewinne zu verpassen oder eben günstiger als heute einzukaufen.. Manchmal wünsche ich mir ich hätte meine Kristallkugel dabei.

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Gestern gab es Spekulationen, ob man Fannie und Fredie in kleineren und unabhängigen Privatgesellschaften aufteilen solle Die Börse hat den Vorschlag nicht freundlich aufgenommen und erhrlich gesagt weiss ich auch nicht was solche Aktionen als Konsequenz für den zukünftigen Aktienkurs bedeuten würde Der Kommentar von Primary wurde ignoriert.

Um die Kommentare von Primary wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link:. Ich habe aus diesen Meldungen die Konsequenzen gezogen und bin vorgestern komplett raus aus den Titeln. Ich traue der Sache nicht mehr so ganz. Habe die beiden ungleichen Schwestern eigentlich immer als Langzeitinvestition angesehen, aber die neuesten Meldungen beunruhigen mich doch ein wenig. Könnte wirklich auf eine Zerschlagung auslaufen.

Ähnliche Meldungen gab es schon in der Vergangenheit, aber diese Forderung kommt von der Hypothekenbanken-Vereinigung selber. Also lieber die Notbremse ziehen. Der Kommentar von rorda wurde ignoriert. Um die Kommentare von rorda wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link:.

Der Kommentar von Yello wurde ignoriert. Um die Kommentare von Yello wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link:. Der Kommentar von soulrider wurde ignoriert. Um die Kommentare von soulrider wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link:. Mortgage giant Fannie Mae said Thursday that it would throw a lifeline to some people losing their homes to foreclosure by allowing them to lease those properties back for up to a year at market rental rates.

The move is the latest in a series of steps by lenders trying to manage inventories of foreclosed homes on their books in an attempt to keep a wave of properties from slamming a housing market that has shown some signs of recovery. Themendossiers Rechner Börsenlexikon Pensionscoach. Fannie Mae is a shareholder-owned company with a public mission. We exist to expand affordable housing and bring global capital to local communities in order to serve the U.

Wüsste gerne die Gründe dafür Um die Kommentare von selekta wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link: Freddy und Fanny beobachte ich etwa drei Jahre lang. Um die Kommentare von tschonas wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link: Um die Kommentare von waspch wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link: Habe also noch eine mini Position von ca. Ich denke dass fanny in ein paar Wochen bei 0. Vielleicht sieht das jemand ja anders. Meines Wissens ist Indymac noch am Leben, täusch ich mich da?

Ja, Du hast recht. Fanny wird nicht konkurs gehen. Indymac ist übrigens bei chapter 7 Gläubigerschutz. Gemäss dem Kurs ist sie also nichts mehr wert. Um die Kommentare von Coris wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link: BlizZarD wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link: Jetzt bei Fannie Mae einsteigen? Hallo zusammen Ich beobachte Freddie Mae schon seit geraumer Zeit.

Besten Dank für Eure Informationen und ein erholsames Wochenende! Was meinst Du mit einer anderen Lösung? Um die Kommentare von jon wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link: Aber bin schon vorsichtig Schönes Wochenende, muss los. Habe noch 'nen Eishockeymatch. Um die Kommentare von Lupi wieder zu sehen, klicken Sie folgenden Link: Stephan laughs, looking a bit disgusted at the mention of armpits, saying no thanks!

Nikki snorts, saying that if he wants to please a woman, he has to be willing to go all the way -- armpits included! You just gotta fingerbang her ass a bit while you're eating her out. He even mimes this by poking one finger back and forth in the air while doing the classic vulgar cunnilignus gesture with his other hand. Not gonna lie, though -- it sounds pretty hot, right, Lisa? Lisa is shocked and a bit grossed out now, not only because of the graphic nature of the sex described but also how comfortable the siblings are around each other.

Lisa doesn't answer Nikki and instead laughs nervously as she tries to get them back on track, redirecting their attention back to the books. Once or twice, she looks towards the entranceway, as if debating whether she should leave or not, but ultimately decides to stay.

Nikki then makes a comment about the laptop. It's an older model, isn't it? Lisa is relieved for the distraction but embarrassed still, mentioning that, yeah, it's secondhand since her parents spent everything on the tuition this semester.

She was lucky to get into such a prestigious school! Nikki and Stephan says that they're so proud of her for getting into the school, it really shows that ANYONE can make it in life if they work hard Nikki excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Lisa takes this chance to pull her chair closer to Stephan.

They begin studying again, with Lisa making sure only to talk about less sexy parts about the female anatomy. Like, how exciting is the menstruation cycle? He butters her up a little, marveling over how she makes even periods sexy, which is really saying something! Although he's heard that some guys are really into fucking women on their periods As he talks, he moves his arm down and out of sight.

While Lisa is distracted, Nikki sneaks back and slips under the table without Lisa noticing. She carefully crawls close to Lisa, then starts running a hand up along Lisa's leg, up her knee and slowly towards her inner thigh. Lisa makes a short sound of surprise as she stares at Stephan, who is intensely focused on her and smiling. He's still leaning forward toward her with his arm out of sight to add to the illusion that it could be him feeling Lisa up, even if it's not.

The routine is so smooth, as if Stephan and Nikki has pulled this stunt before. Lisa still thinks it's him feeling her up and is flustered.

She continues reading, though her voice catches as the hand starts moving towards her pussy. Lisa shifts and bites her lip to stifle a moan, then whispers, 'Keep doing it Stephan gives a fake-confused look and says, 'Keep doing what? He's just scratching his leg Lisa's eyes widen as she pushes her chair back and stares under the table, seeing Nikki there.

I thought I was touching Stephan,' Nikki blatantly lies while both she and Stephan laugh. It's a creepier, mocking laugh, though. Nikki crawls out from under the table and sits in the chair again as both she and Stephan crowd Lisa, who is hugging herself nervously. And not just because you have a tight little twat down there -- you couldn't even tell a girl's hand from a guy's! I mean, I know Stephan has some pretty girly hands, but YOU seem to like them. Nikki scoffs and says, 'Yeah, because I like girls' hands better!

You can fit more of their fingers in at once! Lisa is really confused and uncomfortable as she starts to rise to gather her laptop, saying that she has to go. Both Stephan and Nikki touch her shoulders and coax her back down to the seat. We just barely finished the chapter,' Stephan says with an unsettling smile. I see the way you stare at me at school Like you want me to fuck you right then and there against the lockers You like to think you're such a player when all you prey on are the frail, helpless types.

Where's the challenge in that? Anyone can do that! Stephan should be looking for a REAL woman -- like her! The two start to close the gap between each other while leaning over and in front of Lisa, clearly moving closer and about to kiss heavily -- though they don't quite touch yet.

Lisa is shocked as she bursts between them. REAL fucked up, right?? Nikki giggles and flirtily tells him to stop while clearly fishing for more compliments. She says that not a day goes by that she isn't glad that her mother married his father, which brought THEM together. You came over here purely to seduce us, you sicko.

What, does getting it on with a brother and sister get you off? Nikki continues, saying, who are people going to believe? Lisa's out of her MIND if she thinks she's worth anything. She's just a pathetic little girl that got into their school as a charity case. The school probably took pity on her and her parents and decided to show a little goodwill. It looks good in the public eye.

So what would happen then if the school found out the sweet, underprivileged girl they let in was going around slutting it up with classmates? And what will her darling parents think when they learn that their little girl is not so innocent?

So here's the deal: Nikki likes watching her brother defile young, innocent, underprivileged, hardworking girls like Lisa Lisa can't believe what she's hearing and is almost about to cry because of the confrontation.

She begs them not to say anything. They don't understand that school is literally all she has! So much has been sacrificed to get into this school. She's willing to do anything to ensure that the step-siblings don't fuck it up for her. It's my first time,' Lisa adds, nervously giving her consent. They're already salivating for big dick, even before they get it, and they work themselves wet with a lesbian French kiss and foot fetish play.

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