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Die Dominion Resources, Inc. widmet sich der Erzeugung und dem Transport von Strom in den USA. Mehr anzeigen.

In Upper Appomattox, which possessed water rights in the area, took over some hydroelectric plants, adding a steam generating plant in A Gould cousin, William Northrop, the new company's first president, died in Northrop's successor, Thomas S. Wheelwright, impatient with delays in reaching company objectives, once put his men to work chopping down trees on a main thoroughfare to make way for trolley tracks, precipitating a rush of protesters on city hall.

In the company also acquired gas properties in Norfolk, Virginia and entered the natural gas distribution business. Indeed, a naval officer was assigned to direct the use of electricity during the war, and trolley cars were halted when the military needed extra power.

A holding company, Engineers Public Service, was formed to own and manage the company, whose name was changed to Virginia Electric and Power Company, the better to reflect the changing electrical industry. Bradley, former president of a Texas utility company, became president, succeeding Wheelwright. In the same year, Vepco acquired Petersburg Power Company and expanded electrical service north into the Fredericksburg-Ashland areas of Virginia and south into eastern North Carolina.

Vepco's new Petersburg, Virginia office building, fronting on a new bridge over the Appomattox River, was dedicated in October Its second floor opened onto the bridge and served as a waiting room for passengers on Vepco's interurban trolley between Richmond and Petersburg, 20 miles south.

Vepco's goal was to put public transportation within four blocks of every Richmond resident. Because the auto had begun to challenge the streetcar, Vepco provided more comfortable trolley cars, including 15 with mahogany interiors and deep-cushioned leather seats. These were unveiled with fanfare and the offer of free rides for several days. Other cars were refurbished with seats of woven rattan over cushions.

On the outside over the windows was painted the slogan, "Why not ride with us and save the difference? In Vepco received a year public-transit franchise from the city of Richmond, over the mayor's veto; he objected to provisions governing tax revenues. The agreement was generally well received, however, and an era of good feeling ensued, demonstrated in part by the stationing of police officers to help streetcars manage busy intersections during rush hours.

Wood, Vepco's vice president, succeeded Bradley in when Bradley left to head another utility company. The former added territory in the southern part of Virginia. In Vepco also made its last major track expansion, the Broad Street extension to the Richmond city limits.

The company acquired new leadership in , when Jack G. Holtzclaw became president a few months after Wood left for New York to become executive vice president of the holding company, Engineers Public Service.

Vepco's transit business suffered in the s as the automobile grew in popularity. The mile round trip between Richmond and Petersburg was reduced from 70 to 58 minutes by making an earlier turnaround in Richmond, and baggage service was dropped.

A more significant change was the substitution of motor buses for electric streetcars on this route in September The streetcars were on their way out; the last was to run in September Meanwhile, Vepco ownership was challenged by the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC in its widespread dissolution of utility holding companies. The Portsmouth and Petersburg lines were sold a few months later. Vepco merged in the same year with the Virginia Public Service Company, a series of systems in northern and western Virginia and in the Hampton Roads area near Norfolk.

The merger more than doubled the Vepco service area, making Vepco one of the largest U. Rather than keep Vepco and divest its gas operations, as was required, Engineers Public Service dissolved itself. Vepco became independent in , with , gas and electric customers. Vepco was ready to face the postwar rise in demand. In the Roanoke Rapids North Carolina dam, a remotely controlled hydroelectric operation on the Roanoke River, was completed after a long, hard court fight with the U.

Department of the Interior. Vepco had received a license in from the Federal Power Commission to build the dam, but had not carried out construction during the Depression. When the company reapplied for a license after World War II, the Interior Department claimed responsibility for hydroelectric power development, and opposed the license grant.

Ultimately, after hearings before the Federal Power Commission and the courts, the commission granted Vepco the license. The decision was upheld by the U. Supreme Court in , and the project was begun.

It was dedicated in April , in honor of Jack Holtzclaw, who had died of a heart attack in In Holtzclaw's 26 years as president, Vepco had grown from a local power company to one serving two-thirds of the counties in Virginia and parts of North Carolina and West Virginia. During these years, Vepco's general counsel was T.

Justin Moore, whom Erwin H. Will described in his Newcomen Society lecture in as "probably the most outstanding utility lawyer in the United States. Barnes, president of Engineers Public Service in the s and s and chairman of Vepco's board from to Erwin Will succeeded Holtzclaw as president in He led Vepco into the nuclear power field as one of four utilities that formed a nonprofit corporation, Carolinas-Virginia Nuclear Power Association, to research and develop a prototype, experimental reactor.

This was built in the early s at Parr Shoals, South Carolina. Vepco thus became on of the nation's front-runners in nuclear energy. In McDowell and Will observed that Vepco, unlike some utilities, did not depend on large customers in any one industry and had thus been insulated somewhat from economic hard times.

In the realm of technical innovation, Vepco installed, in the s, probably the first underground residential distribution system, using buried cables, of lighter weight than the lead cables used in major cities but permitting higher voltage than previously carried by such cables. The approach became standard for newly developed residential communities, where overhead cables became obsolete. Another innovation of the s was the world's first extra-high-voltage system, at Mount Storm, West Virginia, where Vepco built its Mine Mouth coal-fired steam station, which opened in , virtually on top of West Virginia's estimated million tons of unmined coal.

Vepco also built the first ,volt transmission system in the country and started one of the largest hydroelectric facilities in the world, in Bath County, in the mountainous western part of Virginia. The company developed it during the very difficult years of the s, opening it in the mids. The Bath County system pumped water at night to a high elevation, and then used the energy of the falling water during the day to run turbines. Its property and plant had more than doubled in 10 years.

EDT, May 4, until 11 p. Domestic investors may access the recording by dialing International callers should dial to access the recording. The PIN for the conference call replay is Additionally, a replay of the Web cast will be available on the company's investor information page by the end of the day May 4.

Dominion is one of the nation's largest producers of energy, with a portfolio of about 28, megawatts of generation, about 6 trillion cubic feet equivalent of proved natural gas reserves and 7, miles of natural gas transmission pipeline. Dominion also operates the nation's largest underground natural gas storage system with more than billion cubic feet of storage capacity and serves retail energy customers in nine states.

For more information about Dominion, visit the company's Web site at http: This release contains forward-looking statements including our expectations for earnings and for future growth that are subject to various risks and uncertainties. Discussion of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from management's projections, forecasts, estimates and expectations may include factors that are beyond the company's ability to control or estimate precisely, such as the receipt of approvals for and timing of the closing dates of pending acquisitions, realization of expected business interruption insurance proceeds, estimates of future market conditions, estimates of proved and unproved reserves and the behavior of other market participants.

Other factors include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, governmental regulations, economic conditions in the company's service area, fluctuations in energy-related commodity prices, including changes in the cost of fuel for our regulated electric business, risks of operating businesses in regulated industries that are subject to changing regulatory structures, changes to regulated gas and electric rates recoverable by Dominion including future recovery of fuel costs, the transfer of control over electric transmission facilities to a regional transmission organization, changes to rating agency requirements and ratings, changing financial accounting standards, trading counter-party credit risks, risks related to energy trading and marketing, and other uncertainties.

Schedule 2 Reconciliation of measures prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP versus non-GAAP measures Earnings three months ended March 31, The net effects of the following items, all shown on an after-tax basis, are included in reported earnings, but are excluded from operating earnings: Nachrichten von ausgesuchten Quellen, die sich im Speziellen mit diesem Unternehmen befassen.

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