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Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Baugorilla Über Kontakt Impressum und Datenschutz. How many thousands of hours do people lose trying to find workarounds for issues like these??? Why hasn't Microsoft addressed this in the past 15 years??? Why are some replies from them so evidently disconnected from reality suggesting to use another printer driver , when all it takes to reproduce this issue is to paste a circle shape on a sheet and print preview???

If Microsoft actually cared, they could hire people that find fixes that actually work. Changing to Metro font as suggested in the referenced link mostly fixes my problems but things are still a little distorted.

Not just circles out of round but rotated objects not lining up right. This seems to happen unexpectedly throughout the workbook and so I don't like that solution. I still immediately close the worksheet without saving to make sure other worksheets are not affected.

The prints and pdf files are still not perfect but good enough for my purposes. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Remove From My Forums. Excel IT Pro Discussions. Excel IT Pro Discussions https: This forum is for general questions and feedback related to Microsoft Excel all versions as they pertain to the IT Pro community.

If you have more basic usage questions with Microsoft Excel, you can also visit the forums at Microsoft Answers: Sign in to vote. This issue has been going on with Excel for many years, but it is seriously time for Microsoft to fix it. The issue is that when you place an image in an Excel spreadsheet and then print it or even print preview it then it appears squashed. While the width stays the same, the height gets shorter thus changing the ratio of the image.

I have this issue on any computer, using any printer. The issue does not happen in Word, only in Excel. Microsoft it's time to get off the pot and fix this issue!

Wednesday, March 13, 6: Hi Warren, Thanks for the post, I've also noticed this behavior. Thursday, March 14, 5: Hi Warren and Max, I'll follow up and see that this is filed again. Thursday, March 14, 2: Hi Warren, On further investigation, I found a report of this issue and a good explanation of why it has not been fixed, and how fixing it would cause other, more serious issues.

Thursday, March 14, 3: Hi Anita, "Just live with it" is not an acceptable answer. Thanks for your efforts, Warren. Hi Max, Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks, Warren Yes, it could be done. Friday, March 15, 1: Cool, thanks for that tip. I will try this out and see how it works for this situation. I appreciate your workaround. Hopefully now Microsoft will actually fix the problem?! Anita, what is the latest on this issue? Has it been addressed yet?

Sunday, March 24, 4: Maybe Anita knows if any of this will help or be a watse of time? Wednesday, April 3, 8: Hello, I have resolved this issue using snap to grid for my graphics version.

Thursday, December 19, I have many pictures in my Excel spreadsheet and have been frustrated as the pictures would distort when I previewed and also when I saved as PDF. I resolved this issue in Excel by right-clicking on each and every picture in my excel sheet, click Size and Properties, Properties Tab, click 'Move and Size with cells', close.

This is a lot of work since I have so many picutures, but I am SO glad to have found this work-around as this is how I share my product price sheet WITH pictures with my customers.

The snap to grid idea above is what gave me the idea. I couldn't find that option. If that is a way to do ALL pictures at once, please advise how to get there in Excel Friday, July 18, 5: We are all paying for this product, and it is a BASIC piece of functionality especially from someone like myself using Adobe products on a daily basis. As an employer, it also costs money to pay employees to work around these problems.

Monday, August 10, 8: Wednesday, October 7, I had the same problem in excel