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He turns them around:

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Twelver theology, which mainly consists of five principles, has formed over the course of history on the basis of the teachings of Quran, and hadiths from Muhammad and the Twelve Imams (especially Jafar al-Sadiq), and in response to the intellectual movements in the Muslim world and major events of the Twelver history, such as the Battle of.

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The spectator chooses one envelope. The selected envelope is mounted on a stand in front of a lit candle. The selected envelope is still attached to the stand, in full view.

You walk forward to explain exactly what has happened. While you are talking, and without your knowledge, the candle begins to slowly tilt until the flame makes contact with the selected envelope. This envelope goes up in flames as well. But, what about the borrowed bill? After lots of comedy byplay, the bill ends up inside a sealed envelope inside your wallet.

You instantly know what she secretly wrote on a blank business card You can even turn your back while the spectator writes her secret word and covers it with her hand and whatever else she wants to cover it with. You can even have a spectator cover your eyes with her hands. You can even be in a different room and direct her over the phone. And yet, when you come back into the room, you can still discover her secret word or drawing! Very Very Easy to do. Special blank business card stock stays completely blank on the back after writing.

No one can see through the back of the card. You never have to "peek" the card. Turn your back to the spectator or be out of the room while she writes and covers her word. Adapt to your own Sharpie. Nothing to secretly load, switch or ditch.

Everything can be examined. The bonus bills did not come with this trick. A spectator cleanly selects 3 cards from a red deck and places them in to 3 separate pockets of his choice. The magician now removes a card from his right hand pocket, the spectator does the same and they match same card, same pocket, and remember the magician removes his prediction first so it is in full view.

The tension is building as the magician reaches in to his left hand pocket and removes a card the card is shown and yes it matches the spectator's card once again same card, same pocket. Your audience will truly believe that the future is in your control. This is a self-working masterpiece in mental magic.

Your pockets may be freely shown empty after each prediction card is removed. This is one effect that you will be asked to perform time and time again! In the midst of the many card tricks available today, Triple Impact is something you will USE for many years to come. You control the number you want to force up to 8 digits and you can change it whenever you want according to your needs. With this calculator you can make many mine reading effects. Several spectators are asking to freely chose numbers and make different math calculations add, deduct, multiply etc.

Final result will match your prediction. You can change it every time to suit your needs. Spectators can check the calculator even after you have entered your secret number. Can be use also for Add-A-Number effect.

Size is 4 x 6 inches. The performer displays a nut and bolt, which can be thoroughly examined by the audience. This is placed isolated on the close-up case, and the bolt visibly un-threads off the nut. The effect is most uncanny. The spectator may himself pick up the nut and bolt off the case, and examine them. The effect can be repeated as often as you like. You can even work it in reverse, having the bolt thread into the nut instead of threading out.

This does not use any of the traditional methods - no strings, springs, rubber bands, wires or pulls. Although gimmicked, the nut and bolt will stand the most rigid scrutiny, as there is nothing attached to the nut or bolt. We supply you an attractive close-up case 13" x 8" x 2. You can carry your other close-up items in the case, and perform them on this case, followed by the miracle effect for the climax. Spectator thought of any 4 digit number and put the numbers on the lock by herself.

This proves to be the secret code that opens the lock! Spectator retrieves her ring from the lock in the end. There is no need to force any pre-conditioned numbers such as someone's year of birth, anniversary or birthday.

You can do either of the following: Ask spectator to name ANY 4 digit number 2. Tell the spectator you are going to project the secret 4 digit number to her mind and have the spectator name it. Have 4 different people name a single number each to form a 4 digit number. This plays big on stage Whatever numbers the spectators have chosen, they put the numbers and open the lock with their own hands! This further enhanced my interest and become a dream to develop a stronger effect with the combination lock possibilities where you are not limited to dates and years but open with any numbers named without any force and presetting work.

After more than a year's work, I am pleased to present you here my idea realized of such desired effect, the Dream Lock. Work is pure mechanical, nothing will break - Nothing to add or taken away - No electronics parts, no remote control - No magnets, no PK rings - No threads, no wires - No buttons, no switches - No gravity switch, no directional limit - No timers - No years, no birthdays not limit to these although you can use these numbers Lock can be in spectator's hand from the beginning to end of performance - Reset in 2 seconds and right under the nose of a spectator Any 4 digit number can be named.

Spectators set the chosen numbers on the lock. They open it themselves! They can't open the lock - however you mentally change the lock to their wedding date.

They enter the year and the lock opens. One of the keys is selected and handed back to the magician. He holds the key by its crown end between the thumb and index finger of one hand and begins to rub it between his fingers. Slowly, the shaft of the key visibly begins to melt and bend downward! The shaft is not pushed down with another finger-it visibly bends down on its own while the back is held between the thumb and index finger.

Once bent, the key is immediately dropped into a spectator's waiting hand for complete inspection. Key Melt comes complete with the secret gimmick, retouching materials, detailed instruction booklet with lots of bonus routines and alternative handlings, all of the necessary keys and a special Bicycle back card used in bonus routine. He goes on to explain to the audience that inside the bag is a board on which he has written the name of a playing card or a number, a geometric sign, almost anything and hands the spectator a note pad and pen.

EL DUCO They are asked to concentrate on what the performer is thinking of and write it down on the pad, then show it their guess to everyone else in the audience.

After the spectator makes their best attempt, the performer hands the closed bag to the spectator, who opens it up and takes the board out himself. On the board is written exactly the same message as on the note pad! The message on the board is written in large, bold letters, suitable for stage performances. The spectator may examine everything. No fishing, stooges, carbon papers or electronics. I had to have it on my show! It's a seance in someone else's pocket.

You won't believe how genius it is To some people, what you're about to perform is beyond their grasp of reality. Use at your own risk. A memento they can keep forever and never forget. EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon are electronic recordings interpreted as voices from the dead or other paranormal sources. Your shell-shocked spectator will leave the encounter with the likely evidence of a spirit's voice on their phone, as they replay it over and over, in utter disbelief.

EVP is an incredibly easy to use device in magic to ever allow the spectator to keep the evidence of a seemingly paranormal event on their own phone. Use your newly discovered power wisely. Numerous effects are available with this compact bit of kit, and the best part is that your spectators can handle the item throughout. No careful guarding or secretive moves - everything is out in the open.

You show the switchboard with three lights red, green and yellow and three switches below each light. Each switch turns on its light.

You now offer your spectator three coloured covers for the switches and allow them to cover each switch with a colour of their choice. Amazingly, when the turn on the switches, each new coloured switch lights up its corresponding light.

You now show that the coloured lights are all in fact the same, just with coloured glass caps. You remove all the caps and allow the spectator to replace them in any order so that the red, green and yellow lights are in a different order than they started out in.

Amazingly, when the switches are turned on, each colour once again lights up its corresponding light. You now offer the spectator a chance to read your mind. Without them seeing, you secretly turn on one coloured light and place the switchboard face down.

You ask them to concentrate on one of the colours, and once they announce a colour, you turn over the switchboard and that colour is the only one lit up. In a reverse of effect 3, you now ask the spectator to switch on any colour without showing you, and then place it face down.

You then read their mind and reveal what colour they are thinking, and you turn over the switchboard to prove you are correct as it's the only colour lit up. The Cobra Light is a self-contained, self-working, portable unit and represents a new approach to a classic of magic. We're sure you'll love the effects you'll get with this mini-marvel so get yours now while you can. This item contains 4 complete effects, plus a bonus routine. Includes all items needed to perform each of the 4 main effects.

Effect 1 - Rising Pencil. Place an examined pencil on your hand and it slowly rises! A classic effect with a different method. No poking your hand. Pencil can be examined before and immediately after.

Nothing added or taken away. Spectator can pick pencil off your hand! Also perform this effect in a spectator's hand! Effect 2 - Floating Pencil. A pencil and test tube are examined. A spectator can drop the pencil into the test tube and seal with a cap. The performer holds the tube and concentrates and slowly the pencil begins to float up in the tube!

Yes, it actually floats! Remove the cap and the pencil floats up, above the top of the tube! No threads or attachments of any kind. Pencil and test tube can be examined before and after! Spectator can actually place the pencil into the tube and remove it! The performer holds the test tube and places the bottom of the tube against the spectator's hand.

Both concentrate and the pencil floats up in the tube. Effect 3 - Seance Pencil. A silk and pencil are examined. A spectator signs a blank card, which is put under the silk, along with the pencil. A spirit is called. When it arrives, it lifts the pencil and begins to write - the silk actually rises and moves as the pencil writes!

When the silk is opened, the signed card is found to have a message written upon it. Again, all can be examined. Great for seance and spooky magic! Effect 4 - Psychometry Pencils. Six different colored pencils and six envelopes are examined. A spectator picks one pencil and puts it in any envelope. The remaining 5 pencils are each put into a separate envelopes. All six envelopes are mixed, so no one, the performer or spectators, know which envelope contains the selected pencil true!

The performer counts the envelopes into a row and a spectator selects one. This envelope is opened by the spectator, who discovers it contains her selected pencil.

An alternate ending has the performer locating the correct pencil by sensing the energy that was placed on the selected pencil by the spectator. Everything is examinable before and after! A box with a hole in the lid is examined. A blank card is signed by a spectator and dropped into the box. A pencil with a string attached to the non-writing end, is dropped into the box, via the hole.

The spectator holds the end of the string. A spirit arrives and begins to write a message on the card. As it writes, the string becomes taut and the spectator actually feels tugging on the string. When the box is opened, the signed card is found with a message written on it!

The magician gets a bill from an audience member and the owner of the bill folds it. The box is on a ribbon which is hung over the spectator's neck. The magician then predicts the serial number which is on the bill A dollar bill can turn into a hundred, or even a coin. Create almost any mind reading effect with this box!

Some were fabulously wealthy and some were not. Regardless, they all would sell photo cards to make extra money and so people could show their friends the anatomical wonder they saw at the carnival. Freaks includes fivepicture postcards of sideshow freaks and aged envelopes that the postcards are kept in. With Freaks, you have to use five audience members. All of the postcards are in envelopes. You will be able to connect with one of your audience members and describe the very image they are looking at.

It is of a fortune teller. No marked envelopes, peeks, stooges or confederates. Dead simple and perfect for parlor or stage. The set includes the five postcards, the envelopes and a full color booklet explaining the working, as well as a background story you can use. Will I be happy? Will my marriage last? Should I change jobs?

These, and many more, are the typical questions that psychics are regularly asked. A bonus booklet called You and Your Lucky Numbers is enclosed, and you have full permission to reprint or use it in any other way, with your name as author. It contains hundreds of easily recognized, high-resolution corporate logos. All of them different - no duplicates. Your helper opens the book to a page and thinks of one corporate symbol.

You can then name it, draw it, describe the product or the service it represents, or use it as a part of a more involved routine! While your spectator will believe that his choice is one among hundreds of possibilities. Just like those expensive book test you already know. Best of all, you get two books, each with a different selection of potential choices - perfect for repeat shows! A spectator is invited on stage who was not privvy to the selection, divines its name by gazing into a crystal ball.

The apparatus is handcrafted to Martins strict specifications. The ball is sparkling clear - and heavy - weighs about 3 lbs. They're a short form expression of attitude, philosophy, and humor.

You can find them at truck stops, novelty shops, and bargain swaps. He shows the halves of two different bumper stickers saying, "If you cut them in half and mismatch them, the results can be interesting. Placing a business envelope in full view, he continues, "There are halves of two different bumper suckers in here they can be seen through the address window that usually combine with others to get an amusing reaction.

Which one would you like. Next, you will select one unseen. He aligns it with the remaining half from the envelope and his eyebrows go up. He turns them around: You get everything you need to perform this outstanding routine, bumper stickers, an ungimmicked window envelope, a 'special something' and instructions.

The 'bumper stickers' are printed on glossy card stock and pre-cut into halves. There is a simple, one-time setup task that takes ten minutes or less and you're good to go for years to come. You instruct him to open the deck anywhere he likes and remember one of the cards. You instruct him to throw the deck to anybody in the audience. That person is instructed to do the same thing.

This is done to five different persons. You ask the people to stand. You proceed to name each person's card and the people who heard their card named will sit down. As a climax you will still have one person standing, and he will say that you have not yet named his card. You name his card out loud, and you will get a standing ovation. Comes complete with gimmicked Bicycle Deck and the instruction. You give a regular erasable board to a volunteer and ask her to draw something on the board while you turn away.

After she is finished, you take the board, with its back to you , and show it to the audience. You then ask the volunteer to wipe out the drawing. You take the same or another board and duplicate the exact drawing!. Board has no gimmicks -- it is a regular erasable board that you can find in any office supply store. Gimmick is in the eraser, but no one notices it not even the volunteer who erases the drawing! You manage to see the drawing on stage while everybody is looking at you -- and they don't have a clue.

It seems totally impromptu: Draw a picture, erase it and Ill know what it is! The magician studies the grid for a few seconds and then turns his back to the puzzle. Spectator genuinely has a free choice of any Sudoku puzzle and every puzzle can clearly be seen to be completely different.

No mathematics or memory skill required to perform the trick. The secret is completely self-working leaving the magician fully focused on presentation. Packs small and plays big! A masterpiece of mental dexterity. This is a new milestone in metal bending magic. You borrow a few keys. One is selected by a spectator. Mysteriously under impossible conditions, it bends itself in his hands.

Once bent, he can't bend it back. Then, you take it with just your fingertips: You immediately hand it back to its owner. Psy Key looks and feels like a standard key but is indeed very special. Once you touch it, your body heat makes it bend. You'll either be able to add it secretly to a bunch of borrowed key or switch it with a very common, similar type of key. Comes in an aluminum case with all the tools needed to perform this amazing effect and an instructional mini dvd. No freeze spray included because of shipping regulations.

The number of consecutive months the commodity is listed is indicated after each item. A reading above 50 percent indicates that the manufacturing economy is generally expanding; below 50 percent indicates that it is generally contracting. A New Orders Index above Six of 18 industries reported growth in new orders in December, in the following order: The five industries reporting a decrease in new orders in December are: Seven industries reported no change in new orders in December compared to November.

December expansion was the weakest since October , when the index recorded An index above The 10 industries reporting growth in production during the month of December — listed in order — are: The four industries reporting a decrease in production in December are: This indicates growth in employment in December for the 27th consecutive month.

An Employment Index above Of the 18 manufacturing industries, the nine that reported employment growth in December — listed in order — are: The three industries reporting a decrease in employment in December are: Six industries reported no change in employment in December compared to November. The delivery performance of suppliers to manufacturing organizations slowed in December, as the Supplier Deliveries Index registered This is 5 percentage points lower than the A reading below 50 percent indicates faster deliveries, while a reading above 50 percent indicates slower deliveries.

The 12 industries reporting slower supplier deliveries in December — listed in order — are: The only industry reporting faster supplier deliveries in December is Primary Metals. An Inventories Index greater than 43 percent, over time, is generally consistent with expansion in the Bureau of Economic Analysis BEA figures on overall manufacturing inventories in chained dollars.

The nine industries reporting higher inventories in December — listed in order — are: The seven industries reporting a decrease in inventories in December — listed in order — are: This is the lowest month of price expansion since June , when the index registered 53 points. Increases continue for freight, labor, electrical and electronic components, printed circuit board assemblies and products manufactured primarily from steel.

Shortages continue for electrical and most electronic components. A Prices Index above Eight of the 18 industries reported paying increased prices for raw materials in December, in the following order: The five industries reporting a decrease in prices for raw materials in December are: