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Can Classical Music Make Kids Smarter?

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Bodengleiches befliesbares Duschelement 90xx4 cm. Befliesbares Duschelement mit Rinne 90x90x4 cm. Diese hochwertige Duschrinne aus rostfreiem Edelstahl, verleiht Ihrem Bad eine elegante und luxiriöse Optik. Other studies showed that music had beneficial long-term effects for epileptic patients. This is not actually true. In fact, the original studies were done on students, not children. But the effects only lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. I also think that generally, parents who play classical music to their children probably also have a well-stocked bookshelf and will care a lot about the education of their children.

When I was in music school, my favorite music to play on the guitar was Bach. Bach is considered by some as the greatest composer who ever lived, and he certainly had a huge influence over the development of music. I always found that playing Bach relaxed my mind, creating a state of inner peace. Now that I make my living writing, I often use Bach and other music of the Baroque genre to boost my creativity Baroque is style of Western music composed in Europe from approximately to around The composers that are the most famously associated with this genre are Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Corelli, and Telemann.

Learning vocabulary, memorizing facts or reading to this music is highly effective. In one study, students found that students enjoyed the class better when baroque music was playing in the background, and found math classes less challenging. Some say that baroque music seems to be particularly better than other genres of classical music because it generally pulses between 50 and 80 beats per minute, which is close to the human heart. Baroque music is light and lively.

Yet, it can be very expressive and soulful, but never falling into the melodramatic. Baroque musicians improvised a lot, and at the time baroque music was considered a bit wild. After that period, starting around the death of Bach in , music became more regimented, with the classical period of Mozart, Haydn, and early Beethoven works. At some point I was even into death metal! I still listen to some occasionally… But classical music is what has has the biggest effect on me.

But when you get to the romantics, things get a bit wild and out of control! But my recommendation to you is to give Baroque music a try, if you want to:.

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