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He had no money on him. Sie steckte den Kopf aus dem Fenster und rief zu uns herunter. Der Fremde bohrte mit einer Gabel Löcher in die Kartoffeln. She poked her head out the window and yelled down to us. The stranger used a fork to poke holes in the potatoes. Die Hölle brach los. All hell broke loose. One of two small holes astern, above the gunroom ports, through which hawsers may be passed.

To draw off by degrees Drain v. To exhaust of liquid contents by drawing them off Drain v. To flow gradually Drain v. To become emptied of liquor by flowing or dropping Drain n. The act of draining, or of drawing off Drain n.

That means of which anything is drained Drain n. The grain from the mashing tub Hand-hole n. A small hole in a boiler for the insertion of the hand in cleaning, etc. A hollow place or cavity Hole n. An excavation in the ground, made by an animal to live in, or a natural cavity inhabited by an animal Hole n.

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I usually go with the sushi roll lunch special with a side salad. The spicy tuna is my choice. Today I switched it up and went with the hot lava roll. I've also had the Godzilla roll. Both rolls are really incredible!!!!!

Be on the look out for Groupons or living social coupons for Fujos! I've had the eggplant before. I ordered extra spicy and the flavor profile was perfect!!!! This was at 8: I would give 6 stars if I could.

The food quantity is great as well. I got the pad thai. The noodles were good but nothing special, with a fairly standard pad thai recipe.

Be sure to add some hot sauce for a little kick. This is a great little lunch place. Service is fast and selection is good. Menu items are clearly listed and and there is plenty to choose from, vegetarian and non-vegetarian items alike. Prices are fair, and there is nothing to complain about here. Food was very tasty and portions more than fair. A great place to hit in between work meetings. Good food, you can be out in no time! I think they may also do take-out. The sushi was super fresh!

The service was great! The dumplings and soup was mediocre but overall I enjoyed it! The ambiance was very private and nice! I definitely would come here again if in the area again. Definitely a hidden gem in Downtown Charlotte. Came here on a Friday night, and it wasn't too busy so it seems to be a great place for the weekends if you don't like loud, crowded dining.

Service was prompt and friendly, and the food came out in a timely manner. Can't really ask for more. For a party of 2, we ordered a miso soup for each of us, two sushi rolls, and a chicken pad thai. Have been here 4 times now on business trips.

The staff is super friendly and the food has been great. My favorite so far is the Magura roll I'll be back next trip! Service was mediocre at best but the sushi was pretty good. Godzilla delivered and they're definitely creative with some of their other rolls.

I still prefer Mr. Excellent service , food was absolutely delicious. We tried 4 different sushi rolls; Rainbow naruto , steak tataki , avocado roll, buddha roll. I def recommend this place. If your ever in uptown Charlotte you must visit this sushi joint This is a great spot for lunch if you're in the uptown area.

The food came out so quick, tasted fresh and flavorful and came at a great price. The location is cool. I really recommend checking it out! One of the worst meals I have ever had. I ordered delivery through Grubhub and wished I hadn't. Ordered shrimp and vegetable tempura, crunchy caterpillar roll, and Singapore noodles. The tempura smelled and tasted like it was made with onion ring batter.

So heavy and greasy. The avocado on top of the crunchy caterpillar roll was completely brown, I couldn't even bring myself to eat it, I took it off and ate the roll without it. Well, the few pieces I could stomach, it wasn't good at all. The Singapore noodles were just ok. They only have chicken no pork or shrimp like usual and after the tempura and roll, I was frankly too scared to even try the chicken.

The noodles were either the wrong noodles or overcooked thicker than they usually are. The flavor wasn't bad. Definitely will not order from this place again. I had been traveling all day and was so hungry.

I had gone to a sushi restaurant up the street but they were packed on a Monday night but not so packed they didn't have tables Just understaffed and it was clear after waiting 20 minutes that I needed to leave if I wanted food.

Here, I was seated immediately. I ordered the crab Rangoon which was some of the best I've ever had. It was hot and fresh.

The sushi was really good but not great. I loved the Volcano Roll but the Shrimp Tempura roll is were my meal fell short. The roll had so much breading that it was not enjoyable. I chose to fill up on the other parts of my meal and leave that roll behind. Overall, great and quick option. I'd be interested to see if the Chinese dishes are better than the sushi.

In an attempt to rid myself of the bad taste left by some dreadful airport sushi I had the other day, I was eager to get back to my favorite sushi place in Charlotte. I played it safe and went with my two favorite specialty rolls: Fujo's Philly Melt is my favorite cream cheese roll I've ever had Still, my very favorite overall is the Hot Lava roll. I swear, I would bath in the hot lava sauce if I could. Although not quite big enough to accommodate an adult male body, it is pretty huge and I've been known to dip other rolls in what's left over.

I always tell myself to try some of the other specialty rolls but I can't bring myself to pass on my two faves It might require me to develop a new allergy to shrimp or cream cheese. Dined in for the first time yesterday. I arrived around 6: Needless to say, I was seated immediately and was waited on by like 3 different people. The service was very good and very fast I think they refilled my water like 5 times in the half hour I was there. The Tokyo roll was unique in that it was fried and then re-rolled in rice.