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The other needs to show stocks on the Nasdaq with floats of 20 Million or less, between.

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This module is very good but it overwrite any ['bus. If you would be able to solve this problem it will be perfect. I donot understan why, but in the same computer and same windows 10, first time i install works fine, now i reinstall Odoo 11 and reinstall the module and when i open the POS when finish load the POS screen is only black color, when i uninstall the module POS work fine.

Use the live chat to ask your questions. The operator answers within a few minutes. POS Stock by D. Apps purchases are linked to your Odoo account, please sign in or sign up first.

Deny order when Out-of-Stock. Order with max-available-quantity or Cancel to remove orderline. Real-Time update Available Quantity. Make blacklist system 2. After printing receipt in POS it goes back to basic. I need modification on my retail POS I buy the in code canyon the system is made in devexpress also i have no idea what is the cystal report version is having error but the error is due to cystal report version. With all code documents Asp. Software design user authority hierarchy.

For example which user can access any module or read write. I am using Floreant POS and i really like the interface except on how it shows taxes in receipt and daily report. I need my receipt looks like below.

Ability to check checkbox and update customers language preference. Design an awesome car configurator for Digital POS based on marketing materials that we will provide. Please Sign Up or Login to see details.

We arena organization looking to create an app that integrates with multiple POS systems. The same principle concept will be applied to apps for iOS, Android, and web. We would like to work with someone creative and with unique. I'm looking for a team with experience with Android POS systems this is required since we have 2 weeks to have a complete POS System for multiple devices and sync to a local server backend, later it should sync to Google Cloud, this is an ongoing work.

Admin and cashier windows based PC user names to create. I need Restuarant Pos which already developed in.

I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I am looking to create a pos system. Similar to quick books. I have a webshop and a local shop with POS and I want them to sync products and orders.

The POS are master, so new products are added there and so on. New products are exported as xml files to a ftp server. A new file with a new name every time a product is added. The webshop has to export orders, whenever they. Hello I am looking for few people who can Develop a POS Point of sales system for restaurants , clinics and other service sections.

If you have knowledge of how to develope the system or if you have one for sale please contact me. This is a long term project hopefully. Web site integration with geographical order enquiries. Web Based POS 1. Roles and their Privileges Create record, Update record, Delete record for Products and others to be loaded from a table 3.

Users Creation with his Role 4. Dynamic Menu loading from Menu table based on Role 5. Customer Registration page 7. Sale Invoice Page 8. Looking for a programmer that understands how to code software in Dot Net and has some knowledge of clipper coding in DOS.

It has inventory module also with it. All i have needed Editing the inventory module 1. I need to add consumable items. I need to add this bottle in a consumable way. Let say a bottle contains ml of shampoo.