Tanki online Test Server - invite code

Interesting Facts. Between 15/12/ - 23/12/, only one person in the entire world had the Striker turret in their Garage - it was Semyon Strizhak (Opex-Rah) who used it for testing on the main servers.

You don't need invites sometimes the test server works sometimes not. Stardew Valley cheats, tips, strategy Brawl Stars cheats, tips, strategy Overlords of Oblivion cheats, tips, st..

Tanki Online 2.0

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Added May 29th , ID Question for Tanki Online 2. Add your answer 11 Answers. Added 17th Nov , ID You don't need invites sometimes the test server works sometimes not.

Showing latest comments show all Guest said: Click here to comment on this answer. Added 8th Dec , ID In such cases the test server gets opened for everyone who wants to join. However, there's no schedule for such openings and developers never announce them in advance. Codes for the test server. The aforementioned commands do not work on the main servers.

Attepmts to use them in other places, except the test server, is considered as flood, and you may get a warning or a ban for it. Rules for playing and communicating with others are not any different from the ones for the main server. To access Tanki Online's test server, go here: The current test server of Tanki Online can be found at the address http: You can also enter the test server using the Standalone Flash.

Links for it are below:. Recoil — The physical impact of the turret upon its own tank when shooting. Reload time sec — The pause required between shots to prepare the rockets for launch. This time remains the same regardless whether a single rocket or a salvo was fired last.

Aiming time sec — The amount of time required for the targeting laser to be pointed at another tank in order to lock on and launch a full salvo of missiles. If the circular green reticle disappears, but the red, box-like reticle stays active, the aiming time is paused.

If the red, box-like reticle disappears, then the target is lost and the aiming time resets. Range m — The maximum distance that the rocket can reach. Rockets explode when they reach their maximum range.

Max projectile speed — The top speed that a launched rocket can move at. Shells per salvo — The number of rockets that can be fired with one salvo. Pause between salvo rockets — The required time between each rocket's launch to eject another during a full salvo launch. Aiming recovery time sec — The amount of time, if the circular green reticle is removed due to losing sight of a target, that the second red reticle will remain on screen to maintain lock-on progress.

This increases rapidly and steadily after being fired until it reaches the maximum projectile speed. Shell acceleration time sec — The amount of time in seconds it takes to reach the max projectile speed from the min projectile speed i. Projectile radius m — The invariable radius of the rocket from its core to its outer surface.