PH may fall into debt trap with China funds, says firm

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We shake hands and she looks us in the eye. Mother-of-five and picker of tea, Marystella, is up at 5. To get to a remote village, we have to travel by boat. Hundreds of thousands displaced by floods in eastern Sri Lanka COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, 13 January — Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and about two dozen killed by flooding in eastern Sri Lanka, where water levels in some areas are two metres higher than normal — and more heavy rains are forecast.

Elated, with her short hair bobbing from under her cap, she joins the rest of her team to celebrate the victory. Students here are learning the basics of reading and writing after having their education interrupted by armed conflict.

A crow, a deer and even a tortoise will all have a role to play in the performance. Inside, midwives distributed nutritional aid to mothers of underweight children. Transferring the overflowing buckets of small silvery fish to a larger tub for salting, it looked like a good catch, but earning enough money from fishing is difficult here.

Caught amid intense fighting between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam LTTE and government troops, the new parents were making a desperate bid to escape the conflict zone.

Crisis for children in Sri Lanka: In a nation that prides itself on being the regional leader in education, these students in their pristine uniforms listen attentively before the school bell says it's lunchtime.

The clanging old bells are the loudest interruption of any school day. Veneman expressed alarm at the high number of children affected by continuing violence in the northern area of Sri Lanka known as the Vanni. It was his weekly moment of glory, a time when all the other boys in his village in northern Sri Lanka came to watch him take out his bat, put on his cricket helmet and stride to the wicket.

Her reactions were enough time to save the life of her baby girl. Sennappu was killed instantly. And three years on, the problems continue. Some 78 people were killed, including the parents and older sister of year-old Farouk Mohammad Riaz. One of them is married and has moved away from home, two are fishermen and the youngest, Satharsan, is 12 years old and still goes to school.

He looks alarmed and seems about to cry, but before he can start he is whisked up onto his feet again. Now its population of , is feeling the effects of the recent upsurge in fighting between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and government forces.

Aid reaches families displaced by conflict in eastern Sri Lanka VAHARAI, Sri Lanka, 12 October — Not far from the shoreline, where rows of tents stretch into the distance, a group of children and women gather round a concrete well to wash clothes and dowse themselves in cooling water — a relief from the fierce heat.

On 21 September, thousands of children celebrated the UN International Day of Peace amid an escalating conflict that has displaced hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Shelling and skirmishes between the two groups are a frequent occurrence there.

Dozens of schoolgirls reportedly lost their lives and many more suffered injuries this week when bombs hit a compound in Mullaitivu, a district in the northern part of the country. Now, Sri Lanka has launched a two-year action plan to put an end to child sex tourism. It was just one of many recent examples of the violent daily reality of life on this island nation.

Schools were being used as camps to house all these displaced people. All of this was destroyed along with their homes. Documents were washed away. People were just left with nothing. The Nasdaq Contributor API is an efficient and cost effective way to help get your data in front of more than firms globally including:.

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