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Survival chances correlated with age and gender: Adult men fared better than adult women, especially pregnant women, and those with small children.

In the first few days several of the captives escaped. Hertel de Rouville instructed Reverend Williams to inform the others that recaptured escapees would be tortured; there were no further escapes. The threat was not an empty one — it was known to have happened on other raids.

The Indians had some disagreements among themselves concerning the disposition of the captives, which at times threatened to come to blows. A council held on the third day resolved these disagreements sufficiently that the trek could continue.

From there they made their way to Chambly, at which point most of the force dispersed. The captives accompanied their captors to their respective villages. Calls went out from the governors of the northern colonies for action against the French colonies. Church's instructions included the taking of prisoners to exchange for those taken at Deerfield, and specifically forbade him to attack the fortified capital, Port Royal. Deerfield and other communities collected funds to ransom the captives.

French authorities and colonists also worked to extricate the captives from their Indian captors. Within a year's time, most of the captives were in French hands, a product of frontier commerce in humans that was fairly common at the time on both sides. Some of the younger captives, however, were not ransomed, as they were adopted into the tribes. Such was the case with Williams' daughter Eunice , who was eight years old when captured. She became thoroughly assimilated in her Mohawk family, and married a Mohawk man when she was She did not see her family of origin again until much later and always returned to Kahnawake.

Other captives also remained by choice in Canadian and Native communities such as Kahnawake for the rest of their lives. They became entangled in unrelated issues like the English capture of French privateer Pierre Maisonnat dit Baptiste , and larger concerns, including the possibility of a wider-ranging treaty of neutrality between the French and English colonies. Many of the younger captives were adopted into the Indian tribes or French Canadian society. Thirty six Deerfield captives, mostly children and teenagers at the time of the raid, remained permanently.

Those who stayed were not compelled by force, but rather by newly formed religious ties and family bonds. Young women most easily and readily assimilated into Indian and French Canadian societies.

Nine girls remained as opposed to only five boys. These choices reflect the larger frontier pattern of incorporation of young women into Indian and Canadian society. These young women remained, not because of compulsion, fascination with the outdoor adventure, or the strangeness of life in a foreign society, but because they transitioned into established lives in new communities and formed bonds of family, religion, and language.

These women remained because of bonds of religion and family. While European males castigated the "slavery" of Indian women, captive women from this time commonly chose to remain in Native society rather than return to colonial English settlements. John Williams wrote a captivity narrative , The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion , about his experience, which was published in Williams' narrative was published during ongoing ransom negotiations and pressed for greater activity to return the Deerfield captives.

Williams' work was one of the reasons this raid, unlike similar others of the time, was remembered and became an element in the American frontier story. Deerfield holds a "special place in American history. The events at Deerfield were not commonly described as a massacre until the 19th century. Reverend John Taylor's centennial memorial sermon first termed the events at Deerfield a "massacre. Persisting into the twentieth century, American historical memory has tended to view Deerfield in line with Frederick Turner's Frontier Thesis as a singular Indian attack against a community of individualistic frontiersmen.

This view has served as a partial justification for the removal of Native Americans and has obscured both the larger patterns of border conflict and tensions and the family based structure of Deerfield and similar marginal settlements. An legend recounts the attack as an attempt by the French to regain a bell, supposedly destined for Quebec, but pirated and sold to Deerfield. The legend continues that this was a "historical fact known to almost all school children.

Canadians and native Americans who are less influenced by Williams' narrative and Turner's thesis, have given the raid a more ambivalent place in memory. Canadians view the raid not as a massacre and mass abduction but as a successful local application of guerilla techniques in the broader context of international war and stress the successful integration of hundreds of captives taken in similar conflicts during Queen Anne's War.

A portion of the original village of Deerfield has been preserved as a living history museum, Historic Deerfield ; among its relics is a door bearing tomahawk marks from the raid. Moving towards a more inclusive Historic Deerfield's yearly reenactment and educational programs treat "massacre" as a "dirty word" and stress Deerfield as a place to study cultural interaction and difference at society's borders.

Cooney , a historical fiction novel, commemorates this event through the eyes of a young Deerfield girl. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. War of the Spanish Succession: War and Society in Colonial Deerfield. The French and Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America. Civil War in New England, The University of Massachusetts Press.