India's 'Unwanted' girls change their names

Leave a Comment or Cancel reply. To save his town Braunschlag from bankruptcy, the mayor decides to fake a Marian apparition. It often involves crime without punishment.

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But that was until about a year ago. I still remember the day when this market ended. People were shopping at the market, buying things from the carts.

Some cars and auto-rickshaws were passing through slowly, being careful not to hit children and animals. Then a large SUV car came — the driver was young and rich.

He beeped his horn loudly for people to get out of the way; no-one paid attention. He tried again, he leaned out of the car and shouted, he made a lot of noise with his car. Suddenly, before anyone could realize what was happening, this young man jumped out of his car. He pulled the onion cart in front of his car and knocked it over. All the onions went all over the road.

He picked up and threw the heavy metal scales at the seller, who quickly got out of the way. People ran away, the young man proudly got back into his car and drove away. Since that day, there has been no village market. This is not unusual in India. Why does money make the rich people lose all their feelings of humanity and compassion? Here is another story: His house is huge, but as soon as he moved in, he took control of about half of the pavement space at the front and side of his house.

This means other people have less space to park, there is less pavement for children, and less walking space for everyone. At least half of the houses in this area have done the same. They have also forced the only roadside tea stall in the area to close and leave. It made tea for all the local guards, drivers, domestics and sweepers. Where does this behaviour come from? You think that if people have more than they need, they will be generous, and they will see that other people might want to have more as well.

But this is not true. It is very interesting. I do not know of any similar studies in India. There are many books about poor people because poor people have no power to refuse to be studied , but no studies about rich people and their behaviour. So who would study the rich, or maybe who could study the rich? This society, where hierarchy class and caste is so important, who would have the courage, and the access, to study them? For us in India, wealth is completely related to political power.

It often involves crime without punishment. There is proof of this in all the recent news stories. Recently, two wealthy brothers, who were fighting about property, shot each other dead. The government had been selling them licences for alcohol at very low prices.

Industry is closely related to politics; and the media are closely related too — they need advertising from the big businesses. The behaviour of the rich is accepted - people often say: The rich feel very strongly that they deserve all this. And this has helped everyone to accept the inequalities in India. For example, in the city parks. These are the places where poor people could go and where homeless people could sleep.

But people in India assume that our public parks are only for the rich, they push the poor people out and tell them they cannot enter. Recently, scientists in the US have been studying how money affects personality and behaviour.

The results are always the same. The rich are different — and not in a good way. Their life experience makes them understand others less and care about others less. For example, poorer people are better at understanding the emotions of people in photos than rich people.

In videos of conversations, the rich look at their phones more often, draw pictures and do not make eye contact; poorer people make eye contact and nod their heads more often, which shows that they are interested. In another test, when poorer people could give away points which represented money , they gave away more points than richer people. Keltner also studied the vagus nerve. His problems with himself, his colleagues and patients who come down to him, dead or alive.

Herbert Krcal lives with his wife and son in a small apartment in Vienna. He dreams of owning his own house but houses are expensive. During a walk in the woods, he finds an old run-down When Georg loses his job, he conceals the fact from his younger wife Johanna, who wants a child with him. Instead, he embarks upon a campaign of revenge against his former boss and begins to renovate a roller-coaster with an old school friend. To save his town Braunschlag from bankruptcy, the mayor decides to fake a Marian apparition.

This black-humored farce revolves around greed, corruption, churchianity and alcohol. Arthur travels to Amsterdam for the last journey in his life, but there he meets Claire and together, they start a trip through the night.

Horst receives the monthly pension from his grandmother. The only problem is, that she is dead. As a local politician wants to congratulate the grandmother to her birthday Horst "borrows" Heinzi Boesel and Kurt Fellner are two Austrian health inspectors forced to work together, traveling through Austria. Over time a beautiful friendship evolves between the odd couple who couldn't stand each other initially; a friendship that even overcomes the boundaries of great tragedy.

Written by Zeno Trapp. At least a great Austrian movie, funny and moving together. It starts as a comedy and then, within the last 20 minutes turns into a drama.

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