Sicyonian Treasury

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They are inspired by mythology: The metopes were painted over in bright colours, creating a strong decorative impression. The actual treasury was built in the Doric order and was distyle in antis , with vestibule and cella.

Its orientation was the same as that of the Siphnian Treasury to which it was probably contemporary ca. The monument was visible from the entrance to the sanctuary. Historians believe that it was constructed by the demos of Sicyon when the Orthagorids were forced to demise, in order to mark the change in Sicyonian politics.

Despite the fact that the two former buildings were deliberately destroyed, their architectural members were not dispersed or reused, but rather buried under the foundations of the Treasury. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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In these cases, the usual procedure is for the paper to be submitted to the relevant Cabinet policy committee rather than directly to the Cabinet Legislation Committee.

The policy content of the amendments may be such that further approvals from Cabinet are needed for new policy or to alter existing policy approvals. As these are key foundations of policy analysis, inadequacies in these areas cannot be easily fixed at a later stage, with consequent impacts on the quality of the Impact Analysis. This feedback is most effectively provided in the early stages of policy development.

It will focus on the types of things a Quality Assurance panel would look for in the final assessment of the problem definition, objectives and options identification. Early indications of what is expected should assist agencies to plan and develop their analysis. The feedback will be provided within a reasonable timeframe on a best-endeavours basis.

This assistance may be especially valuable when the agency considers that the problem is important in terms of its human, social, economic or environmental impacts, and that the policy process is likely to explore material options to create, amend or repeal primary or secondary legislation. There is an engagement form available for this purpose on the Treasury website, or agencies may have their own document which sets out information on the proposed problem definition, objectives and options.

Otherwise this can be confirmed at a later stage. This might, for instance, be the case for certain changes to the internal administrative or governance arrangements of the New Zealand government, such as the transfer of responsibilities, staff, or assets between government agencies. Depending on the nature of the conditions, they may be fulfilled before or after the relevant Cabinet paper is submitted. There is an application form available for this purpose on the Treasury website.

These discussions will include matters such as:. These templates are available on the Treasury website.