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Repurchase Agreement (Repo):

From the Cabinet to cupcake decorations, why have we developed a bizarre obsession with unicorns? Incentives not taxes point the way to slimming Britain down Paul Nuki. How to save our high streets? Respecting the differences between men and women Telegraph View. Don't just blame Brexit for jobs going abroad Telegraph View. Letters to the Editor. To flout the Brexit referendum is an outrageous denial of democracy Premium.

If Britain had an election now, what Brexit policy would the main parties choose to stand on? But it wasn't December 25, it wasn't in Bethlehem, and that was not his name Premium.

Czech Republic Repo Rate Nov 01, Denmark Lending Rate Jan 19, Hungary Base Rate May 24, Iceland 7-d Deposit Rate Nov 07, India Policy Repo Rate Aug 01, Indonesia Repo Rate Nov 15, Israel Benchmark Rate Nov, 26, Japan Key Policy Rate Jan 29, Mexico Benchmark Rate Dec 20, New Zealand Cash Rate Nov 10, Norway Key Policy Rate Sep 20, Poland Reference Rate Mar 04, Russia Key Rate Dec 14, South Korea Base Rate Nov 30, South Africa Repurchase Rate Nov 22, Sweden Repo Rate Dec 20, Turkey 1 Week Repo Rate Sep 13, Albania Repo Rate Jun 06, Angola Benchmark Interest Rate Jul 17, Armenia Refinancing Rate Feb 14, Azerbaijan Refinancing Rate Oct 29, Bahrain Key Policy Rate Dec 19, Survival seems to be the PM's only policy ambition, but she must not play for more time on her Brexit deal vote Telegraph View.

Thuggish behaviour from both sides has tarnished the Brexit debate Premium. We French women of a certain age are depressingly used to smug insults from sexists like Yann Moix Anne-Elisabeth Moutet. Allowing the NHS access to our data could be the difference between life or death Harry de Quetteville. The state created the housing crisis, it's wrong to think it can be relied on to solve it Matt Kilcoyne.

Sally Rooney's Normal People is not 'chick lit' - we need to stop patronising female authors Claire Cohen. Pension auto-enrolment is working but there is much more to be done Juliet Samuel.

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